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my mrs for the past year and a half

I gave my life to skateboarding, you know? I fucked up. I don’t have no kids, I got no wife, I got nothing. I just skate. But I don’t regret it at all. I would never change a lick. I mean, it’s awkward at times to explain it to people. My dad’s still like, ‘You still skate?’ and I still have to say, ‘Yeah I know Pops, it sounds ridiculous, but yeah, I still skate.’ Because there’s nothing better flying down a fucking hill at 40 miles an hour and realising that if you don’t make it you’re going to die, and I know it sounds like a fucking Red Bull commercial, but I am an adrenalin junkie. I just love skating, I love the sound of it. When people get psyched on making a trick, the look on the little kids’ faces, when they make something they never tried before. Those little things, that’s what keeps me hyped on skating. And you can’t buy it, you can’t buy credibility. People know who I am because they know I gave everything to skating. People know I’m the real deal, I’m not clowning it. I don’t give a fuck about what costume you wear, I just care about skateboarding, here and now, and that’s it. Jake Phelps (via anti-zero)

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Thrasher slam demons return

A description of every demon to make you bail and how each and every one of them will haunt you as soon as you step on the grip



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hahaha isabelle?

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